coming autumn 2020

FORWARD EDGE OF BATTLE AREA micro armour wargame rules

“The area in which the forward forces and their reserves are located; it is described by coordinating points, flank boundaries, and sometimes a rear boundary”.

Micro Armour Wargame rules authored by Renny Borthwick and Karl Robertson

This game attempts to simulate Army/Divisional and Brigade operations covering the period 1939-1945, but could, with a little tweaking be extended to cover the first world war up until the Korean conflict of 1950-53. Tabletop games using 3mm or 6mm (1/600th or 1/300th) figures are covered as single battles and should be completed (once the players are up to speed with the rules) in around 3-4 hours, using 3-5 battalions with support. These games can either be single, one-off battles or linked using units drawn from the Army or Brigade TOE.

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