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Happy New Year – Doomed Mortals ..

Well 2012 is here promising many things, not least the end of the world. Well kids don’t worry, it will all end, but not for  another 5-7 billion years, by which time Capricorn will have have left and settled beyond even the Milky Way. And blessed Worthing will have been lifted and domed; powering it’s way to the far edge of the galaxy.

Back down to Earth, TOPTA is progressing well and the current time time table stands like this :

  1. The text only rules for the 31st of Jan
  2. Basic background history 29th Feb
  3. How to be a VOR 29th Feb
  4. Examples of play 29th Feb
  5. The re-write of Pig Day afternoon for the card system play test 29th Feb
  6. The final play testing between 1st March to 1st April.
  7. Advanced rules, campaign rules additional scenarios and rule re-writes April 13th

If it gets to this stage then it to the printers and Continuum 2012 and TOPTA’s bloody birth on the world stage.

More soon space fuckers xxx

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