Guardian AAR

They lived!! After landing in Rigel 223 Ash, our four epic adventures: Captain Jacque LePenn, Chief Science Officer Heather Kriel, Medic Donna Trill and Sanitary Engineer 3rd Class Steve Hicks made their way through the jagged pitons and high velocity winds towards the source of their enquiry, a radar reflecting surface revealed by volcanic activity.

They were rewarded after an hours struggle with a garden of 16 square blocks, each made up of a highly dense silicon compound and beset with an alien figure atop, the creatures were of such an inhuman nature that some members of the team forced to reconsider their career choices.

All the statues were of a similar, apparently intelligent race, except for the last two. One depicted a more violent looking species. The other was empty. It was clear from examination that despite their apparent age, the garden of the ancients had been looked after and maintained.

That’s when they discovered the pyramidic temple, lost contact with the ship. were attacked by a Xenomorph, Heather had a six eyed beer belly attach itself to her face, Jaque LePenn was ripped from his Motokatsu-Kyono Combine Exploration suit, Hicks and Donna stripped off, rescued a cocooned LePenn and shot and kicked to death their acid bleeding opponent.

Time to go back to the MKC Petrograd for a sit down meal and some indigestion tablets.

Now I have to plagiarize a sequel !!





  1. Really enjoyed it mate, cheers.
    Glad we got Kriel back to ship. Once we get that thing off her face she’ll be fine.
    Oh that was lucky, it came off on its own.

  2. Le Penn is fine, even after being cocooned. It’s like the Xenomorph didn’t touch him…
    Oh and Kriel is fine to! Well looks like that’s all done with!

    Right? 😀

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