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2 Page Character Sheet

I tried to get everything onto one page but it just wasn’t working. It was too tight and not enough room for all the skills. I think this new version is probably going to be the final design, with perhaps one or two tweaks. A few notes regarding the sheet and the new TOPTA D6 rules. As you can see, there are wounds, body points and blood. Wounds work as oin Mini 6 and Open D6, there are minus to skill rolls as a result of damage. In TOPTA D6 there are also body point loses for your Cadavers, because even if you bleed out and die, you can still stumble around and play the game, even if you look a mess. Next to the wound chart you’ll see little red boxes with numbers in them, these represent blood loss. So, if you take your first wound you’ll start losing 3 points of blood per turn until you can perform first aid and staunch the blood. Where it becomes more interesting is if you take a severe wound and start losing 5 points of blood a turn, as you can see you wont last long and at the halfway point you start to loose Brawn too, so you’re getting weaker and losing additional body points. Of course you may have started the game being dead so it make no difference, but if your alive in nice, warm, flesh, you’re going to be a little bit peeved if at the end of the mission you can’t fuck each others brains out or go rape a goat. Hay ho, such is life.

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