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TOPTA to Mini D6

Hi again,
Well, so far the conversion to Mini D6 is working out just great. Obviously it’ll require some play testing but so far Mini D6 suits TOPTA down to the ground.
Might; which is physical attacks and hit points of a sort, has been replaced with Psight. All the familiar Psight skills are under here. Obviously when the Agents inhabit their respective cadavers, the cadavers will have Might, purely for working out hit points. Agility becomes Control, and all the physical skills will come under this category as they represent the Agents control of the cadaver.

If you want to understand what I’m talking about better (or at all), I highly recommend you download the game for free and take a look at the Bare Bones addition.

And remember; Worthing, it’s not just a place. It’s a state of mind ☺

Kill them all !!



  1. Sounds good, but I will only play mini d6 if you change Soak to ANYTHING ELSE! except Soak. Fucking stupid….. Soak!


    • How about wet wipes? Or Nappy? Nappy sounds good? Ok, ok. So far all I’ve done is shift some skills over and change the name of some of the stats, and that all seems to work. I’m probably going to use Psight skills like magic, but until we run Dark Witan with you guys, I won’t be certain which bits to keep and which bits to discard. I agree, Soak is as daft as nipples on men, so give me some alternatives and we’ll see what we shall see 🙂

      Keep the comments coming Agents

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