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well boys and girls, Christmas is upon us and the New Year beckons like a rain soaked whore from a darkened alley way. Firstly I’d like to say what a great year it’s been, but that of course would be stretching it. But hay ho, the new year, now that could be more interesting, because 2012 will be the birthdate of Tripped Out Psychotic Time Agents – The Game? And my own small publishing vehicle; Burning Car Press. Now those of you that know me, will be saying, that like so many other grand projects this will be swallowed up by my heavy drinking, codine abuse, masturbation and of course amateur dramatics. But this time will hopefully will be different for two reason; firstly I intend to battle my demons and give up amateur dramatics and secondly I’m actually already publishing, in albeit electronic form.

Voices from beyond time is a background blog from the point of view of one of the founders of future Worthing, from their long stasis to their re-birth and the horrific discovery of what’s gone on while they slept. Which will lead nicely through to the Launch of TOPTA. There will also be updates on this blog and eventually the Burning Car Press site. All these sites are linked also through BCP’s twitter feed and the BCP facebook page. Now here’s the plan kids, the penultimate play test are going to be remote, which means’ I’m not going to run them. A rough draft of the final rules will be sent out to a select band of GMs/VORs along with 2 scenarios. And from the feed back the final rules will issue forth. I’m then giving myself one month to finish these beauties and get X amount printed ready for launching at 2 UK based games conventions. These are yet to be decided.

In the mean time children of future Worthing, my battling agents in time; there is something you can do for me. Sign up on all those social networking site, push the like button and the google+, pass it on to the good, the noble, the insane. Would it hurt to subscribe ! To post… dare I say it (yes ! say it) .. comments.

Spread the word that the evil is abroad ! The shapeless, malign blaspheme is rising ! And then I’ll have to finish it. Gulp it down like the last dregs of a warm larger. Pass it on.

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