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Friday – Welsh Play Test

The night went well.
Firstly it was fucking funny.
Secondly we genuinely moved the game forward by the introduction of a new action spot rule.
With the exception of Stacey, the other play testers were new to TOPTA; both background and game method. So the first hour was taking up with a lot of describing why the mission was happening and why Ringo Starr is alive and well at the end of time.
As the game its’ self progressed and the Agents gained more information from the scenario, we bumped into TOPTA’s biggest issue to pace: The Time Out.

They are sometime necessary, but they inhibit pace and excitement. On the other hand the players need to to come up with strategies. So we’ve adapted ESP to include not just see purple haze, but also to include telepathy. By placing their hands on their temple the players can communicate with each other. This is funny because if they forget their cadavers say it out loud. Which can and did lead to scenes of the NPCs going, “What was that Hargreaves? What plans are you taking about ?”

It helps and Jenny is moving forward with today’s Worthing play test.
So big thanks to Stacey, Brad, Helen and Casper
and good luck to Dave, Jen Chris & Becks

I’ll be giving an update of that tomorrow
and don’t forget

7 days to go


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