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Firstly a couple of updates.

I’m now producing t-shirts. That is to say, it now possible to purchase t-shirts from the BCP web site. There is currently only one design, that being the front cover, but there will be more to follow including the face of Ringo and the legend “Time to start flicking poodles at Nuns”.

Development News

The current development pipeline is as follows: A 2-4 player YELLOW ALERT scenario called Reckless Driving. Reckless Driving will be a sit down game that people can play via zoom and will be available as a pdf (print yourself-low graphic versions) and a saddle stitched printed version.

Available to play from the 10th of March

Following the good news that some type of normality will be returning to these green and pleasant lands in the not too distant future, I intend to celebrate with a series of 1 hour TOPTA RED ALERT games. I’m planning on something like “Ten hours of Tequila driven insanity!” 10 separate 1 hour sessions.

I have a habit of over complicating my scenarios, trying to cram too many ideas into single game. Part of the original thought process behind TOPTA was to keep it quick and frenetic. So, I shall be keeping the emphasis on these games short and sweet. The more complicated ideas will be stretched out in Yellow or Green Alert games. In term of timeline, I’m hoping that Reckless Driving will be available as a print your own within 2 weeks. That puts it down as the 10th of March, the day after Mark Mellish’s 159th Birthday.


I’d like to announce today that BCP’s next game project will be “Reality”. Here is a brief description:

Reality is an investigative RPG based on the D100 system and is compatible with either the Chaosium’s basic roleplaying system or Design Mechanisms Mythras roleplaying system as a starting block. Essentially any variant of D100.

 The advantage of using this system are two fold. Firstly D100 is one of the most popular gaming systems and is easily understood. It already has a large existing fan base. Secondly, by using a pre-developed system I won’t be required to come up with an entirely new RPG system other than spot rules.

The Game Premis

Reality is based on the premise that the universe as we currently understand and exist in – is a lie. We in fact are born, grow, work, strive and die within a simulation. The evidence that this speculation may be true is starting to surface in areas of quantum physics and theoretical mathematical modelling of the universe.

“The simulation hypothesis or simulation theory is the proposal that all of reality, including the Earth and the rest of the universe, could in fact be an artificial simulation, such as a computer simulation. Some versions rely on the development of a simulated reality, a proposed technology that would be able to convince its inhabitants that the simulation was “real”. The simulation hypothesis bears a close resemblance to various other skeptical scenarios from throughout the history of philosophy. The hypothesis was popularised in its current form by Nick Bostrom. The suggestion that such a hypothesis is compatible with all of our perceptual experiences is thought to have significant epistemological consequences in the form of philosophical skepticism. Versions of the hypothesis have also been featured in science fiction, appearing as a central plot device in many stories and films.” Wikipedia 2021.

Reality, takes this concept and runs with it. What if you could read the programming? What if it was possible, using advances in quantum computing, to adjust the programme? And who or what is running the programme?

The Game

Reality, is very much an investigative game where the player characters are drawn into a world of conspiracy and a hidden war between: secret societies that pervade business and governments, clandestine government agencies, enlightened actors; oligarchs and scientists and new age quasi religious sects. Some of whom, through the use of Quantum and ordinary computers have glimpsed the true nature of our universe – some have even discovered how to manipulate it. The race to adjust reality has begun, the prize… total control of reality itself? Your players find their characters dragged into a world of conspiracy, shadowy corporate and government organisations, religious fanaticism. People will kill to gain knowledge and to keep their knowledge secret. And what of those who run reality, how do they feel about their programme being changed and what do they intend to do to stop it?

A dark, realist vision of paranoia, corporate and government corruption, rogue intelligence services, enlightened sociopaths, insane cults and you, dragged screaming into the vortex of it all.

Reality. It’s not what it seems.

As always, It would be great to get feedback on current or future projects, so please feel free to contact me via the blog or directly ay

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