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A slight change (again)

Wasn’t happy with the last theme, so I’ve swapped again. No real real reason, just wasn’t swinging my way.

A couple of notifications. Firstly, many of you have mentioned that in  order to “like” anything on you have to join wordpress, and understandably this isn’t something you wish to do. I’m now using a different widget which I’m hoping will not ask you to sign up to anything.

Secondly. I worked my arse off to get the rules ready for the date I finally set and I did it. Four disjointed and dysfunctional years since the first anti-depressant and gin fuelled idea bounced out of my head and on to a page. And there it is now, available for free, what I feel is a beautiful looking, wittily written, fun to play, set of rules sitting on my my site.

So I would ask, nay beg, that you download a copy. That you “like” the site and share the pages. And that you subscribe to the BCP site and encourage friends, neighbours, co-workers and even complete strangers to do the same. Because  when the full rules come out with what I’m sure will be a reasonable retail price, and I sell a million copies, I can finally do what I’ve always wanted to do; retire to a Puerto Rican whore house where and an army of sixteen year old, oiled, latino hotties can work a 24/7 shift pattern licking my love pump.

So, please, please, please: LIKE, SHARE, DOWNLOAD and PLAY


All my love, your emotionally crippled and desperate friend



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