9 Days to go

until the Burningcarpress web site goes live. It’s looking good. Perhaps a little sparse, but we will be opening with the Lite-TOPTA rules and a fun competition scenario.

For those of you who are currently following I need you to spread the word, like the pages, post links on all your social networks that type of thing. Also would anybody be up for coming up to Wales for a chance to have a play and get videoed? It would have to be the weekend of the 13th of April or the 18th. It wouldn’t be like the Weekends of Death, this would be wham, bam, thank you TOPTA. Short notice I know, but it’d be a larf. Lol.

As for a proper organised weekend of death; the sooner the better. Suggestions on an email to :

Love and Rockets



  1. Not going to be able to make quick and dirty topta w/es in April but would love to do some serious death in Wales on a rp madness w/e in say June? Need to mail round the usual suspects 🙂
    Love Jenx

    • You may be right. I’m doing a quicky (ooer) this Friday with the CoC/Witches and Heroes group, who, with the exception of Stacey are all TOPTA virgins. Should be fun. Flying with the lite rules Jenny, down load a set and spread the word.
      Love and Rockets

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