Tripped Out Psychotic Time Agents

95% of TOPTA can be played without dice, chairs, and in extreme cases, lungs!

Have you ever wanted to play a drug-fuelled, paraphilic, porno fuck-puppet from the future? Essence Shifting through time into the corpses of innocent victims and battling an army of shapeless Blasphemies while swigging tequila? If yes, then this, buddy, is the game for you!

The TOPTA rules include everything (apart from dice, tequila, salt, lime, friends, etc) you need to play the game. Rules for GOYA (Get Off Your Arse) stand up play and TOPTA D6 sitting roleplaying. How to generate your Time Agent, Time Agent’s disciplines, and the effects of Time Travel Psychosis. The history of all human history, and a detailed description of Worthing, the city from the future. The Blasphemy, the Time War, skills, and gameplay.

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