Isolation Fever is a child of our time, born out of the Covid-19 pandemic and self-isolation.

As a thank-you and in some small way to help the NHS and Key workers, Burning Car Press™ is proud to present a magazine containing art, short stories, ideas, and sketches. The subjects are as mixed as the authors: comedy, horror and the downright weird.

We’re asking that you donate a minimum of £2.50 for our humble offering. Each copy is the same, you decide which price you wish to pay by choosing which edition. Either £2.50, £3.50, £5 or £10, that decision rests entirely with you and your wretched conscience. The document is set up as A4.

Once you’ve chosen your amount and paid for it, hit “back to merchant”. That will send you to a DROPBOX page with the magazine on it and from there you can download the file.

All funds raised will be donated to

Please feel free to follow me on FB, Twitter or Instagram. “Transmissions From Beyond Time” a podcast will be starting soon. Please feel free to click on my advertiser’s banners, that retirement home in the Caribbean won’t pay for its self you know, go on, ask Richard “Trainset” Branson! I dare you!

A charity magazine for the NHS

Payment Options

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