TOPTA© began way back in 2008, when the world was young an innocent and no one knew that Kermit the Frog was a member of ISIS, that Vegan’s could give you cancer or that Andre the talking Lama would become Pope. And no one has the slightest notion that there could possibly be a worse president than George W Bush, ahhh halcyon days indeed. Well, back then I started writing and playing TOPTA©. It’s gone through a great deal of changes since then, and with the great help and stalwart work of my friends and play-testers and in no small part to my own ineptitude and slackness, here it is 10+ years later.

It’s all horrific fun, so drink, be happy and die.

Karl S Robertson

Burning Car Press©2008

The author, October 2014.

Photographed with his original hair while hiding from police marksmen. Location unknown. However, it looks suspiciously like the Okehampton bypass.

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