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TOPTA is loose upon the world to wreck Tequila soddened amusement and horror

It lives!!!!

194 pages of rules, background, warnings, ready to play scenario, and sick fiction.

Special effects so good, you'll believe a drunk can time travel.

Time Travel Iinvolves Tequila!

There’s just no way around this very solid, scientifically proven, and immutable law. It’s true, that when push comes to shove you might be able to get away with Sambuca (flaming), Eau de vie, Gammel Dansk, or even lighter fuel. But, you go ask Einstein, you ask Oppenheimer, Hawking, Johnny Ball, Elon Musk, or just plain baked in the oven Matt Damon; it’s really just gotta be Tequila.

Have you ever wanted to Time Travel?

Have you ever wanted to play a drug-fuelled, paraphilic, porno fuck-puppet from the future? Essence Shifting through time into the corpses of innocent victims and battling an army of shapeless Blasphemies while swigging tequila? If yes, then this, buddy, is the game for you!

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